Sunday, June 6, 2010

ALL NEW Cricut Lite Cartridge Information!!

For all of you who are interested in the new line of Cricut cartridges, here are a few links to help you research them.

There are two Youtube vidoes that I could find and both are by the same person.

One just shows a kind of shaky camera version of all the carts by Joy from

Here is the Block Party cart that she bought.  She shows the insert and things in the new plastic cartridge box.

Here are some pictures of the cartridges from the Cricut message board.

Samantha from has a lot more pictures.  There are supposed to be 24 in all.  I am thinking that the Robyn Pink Stamper ( and Melanie and Joy from might have some projects with the new carts soon because they have been hinting at them for the past week or so.  I hope this information is useful for you.  My nearby Walmart doesn't have them yet.  They are $39.99 for what I hear and they only have a shadow so they aren't full carts.  Some are fonts and some are images.  For the cat lovers out there there is definitely a cat cart among them. 

Hope you are having a great weekend.

God bless.

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